Bay Area Onboarding Guide

Salam 👋,

Welcome to the Bay Area! We’re excited to have you join the community. This guide is meant to help you transition and become an awesome member.

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You can find housing through a number channels:

There’s isn’t a single location to find housing which isn’t very efficient. For now, it’s best if you utilize all these channels.

If you’re interested in renting a room / apartment and want a volunteer to check it out and send you pictures or tell you how the area is like, email

Finally, If you’re new and are looking for temporary housing (<7 days) until you find a place and settle, a few people expressed their interest in hosting newcomers. Email and we’ll match you with someone insha’Allah.


Events are a great way for you to meet and get to know other Muslims. You can view all the muslim events on You can also find events by checking the web / facebook pages of the Mosques below.


There’s a group called Minterns for Muslim interns in the Bay. It's in the form of a group chat and an announcements page. Minterns is most active during the summer but it exists throughout the year.

You can join the group on their website: and find events on their announcements page:

You should also check this guide from uWaterloo interns.

Local guides

The people below would be happy to show you around, introduce to other muslims, and help you settle. Email with a short intro about yourself and we’ll match you based on your background/location with one or more of the following people:

If you’re interested in being a local guide, see the Contributing section below.

Muslim Groups

Here are a few active groups in the Bay Area that you should check out:

[Ping with your phone # to get added]

Click here to view the full list of groups.

University specific

If you’re an upcoming student in the Bay Area, here are the resources for each university:

Tech Companies

Most big Tech companies (Facebook, Google, Cisco, etc.) have a Muslim group/alias where they host events, pray/carpool to Friday prayers, and use it for communication. You should try searching for it in the groups/aliases directory.

Halal Restaurants

To find halal food, checkout the Zabihah ( app. There’s also this Yelp collection (feel free to contribute to it):

To purchase halal meat, you can use the Zabihah app or Yelp. You can find the places by searching for “Halal Market”.

Another list of halal resturants and meat stores has been added by a volunteer here:


You can find the list of Mosques in the Bay Area on this collection:

Here are a few additional spaces that host Friday prayers:

Other resources


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